The various forms of spina bifida present your child and family with a very unique set of challenges and gross motor movement is often a concern along with hydrocephalus, cognition, bowel, bladder and school related issues.

Michael J. Workman provides physical therapy services for Spina Bifida Clinic at Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Michael is accustomed to treating the movement related issues with your child while factoring in their specific situation and individualized needs.

We enjoy giving every child and family the opportunity to stand and work toward walking, whether independently or assisted. Careful coordination between specialists in neurosurgery, nursing, psychology, orthopedics, occupational, physical and speech therapy is something we feel only helps to ensure your child is as functional as is possible.

A good knowledge of specialized equipment, bracing systems, intervention technques and manual and power mobility is vital in assisting your child to function at the highest possible level as well as performing treatment at the location where the most challenging situations dictate it. Our comprehensive care and problem solving in combination with attention to your training and skill gives your child the best chance at movement success.